Although food is the most important ‘daily bread’ for human living, cooking of the same can be life-taking as well. Commercial kitchens are always monitored for both 1) Toxic and 2) Combustible gas hazards. Whether it’s a stove, grill, fryer, or any other cooking equipment, LPG and PNG leaks present a constant flammable risk to the workers as well as to the property. The potential sources of gas leaks found at commercial kitchen are from LPG cylinders kept in storage chambers, PNG Gas Pipelines, Faulty Valves, Burner leakage, etc. etc. etc. To avoid such fatal situation, Ambetronics has designed a highly sensitive and reliable LPG/ PNG Gas Detection System that consists of: Gas Leak Detector (Product Code: GT 4000 FLP) Gas Monitor (Product Code: TC 800 MS) Alarming System (Hooter/ Buzzer cum Flasher)