nowadays, multilayer real wood floor is designed with its agile and changeful face plate design and the characteristic such as natural grain simple sense and flexibility, got the praise highly of broad consumer. But, in the heart of consumer, still put in many misgive: Multilayer what does the actor defect that solid wood plastic composite joins a floor board have? Look to explain in detail below. Multilayer solid wood plastic composite closes floor dominant position 1. Stability is good: As a result of multilayer the unique structure that crisscross of freely of real wood floor forms, make its stability first-rate.

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Need not worry about floor be affected with damp be affected with damp to be out of shape too, also be the best floor with installation warm ground. 2. Price material benefit: Multilayer dosage of lumber of real wood floor is big without real wood floor, and can make full use of material, it is a lot of cheaper that accordingly the price compares real wood floor. Multilayer solid wood plastic composite combines ground picture 3. Easy do: Multilayer what the exterior lacquer of real wood floor handles is very good, wearability is very tall, and need not spend too much energy to maintain.