Classification Introduction of Concrete Mixers

our main products are: twin shaft concrete mixer, diesel concrete mixer, and reversing drum concrete mixer.

JS twin shaft concrete mixer: when it is China Brand High Efficiency Forced Hydraulic Concrete Mixer combined with different PLD aggregate batching machines, different concrete mixing plants can be formed. In addition, JS twin shaft concrete mixer can work independently. It includes high wear-resistant manganese steel plate and mixing stirring, which are durable and convenient to be replaced. It can mix dry concrete, plastic concrete, wet concrete, light wet aggregate and each kind of mortars.

JZR diesel concrete mixer:It is a kind of diesel concrete mixer. Its stir and reverse discharge can take up plastic and semi-rigid concrete, whose sizes are bigger than 60 mm. JZR concrete mixers are widely used in construction cites, roads, bridges and other construction projects.

JZC/JZM reversing drum concrete mixer: JZM series concrete mixer is a self-falling concrete mixing machine, discharging with the double wimble rotating reversely. In the drum, there is gear wheel or friction wheel. In discharging, it mixes the material by rotating positively and discharges by rotating reversely. It is portable and mobile concrete mixer. It can mix plastic and semi-moist concrete. JZM series concrete mixer is mainly used in common concrete cites, roads, bridges and precast factories.

Some Methods to Clean Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer from can be classified as drum concrete mixer and forced type concrete mixer, and forced type concrete mixer has two types: single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer. Both of them are called mixing devices. The differences between them are their mixing materials and application scope. Machinery will teach you some methods to clean these two concrete mixers.

At first, drum concrete mixer is belonging to civilian concrete mixer and it is easy to be cleaned. After work of every day, you should turn off the power, and then clean the mixing drum. In the cleaning process, you should hang a sign that reads “No Switching On†to prevent someone restarting the concrete mixer. For safety’s sake, it is better to clean the concrete mixer by two operators to avoid accidents.

Secondly, when cleaning forced type concrete mixer, you should pay special attention to the mixing blades and shaft ends of single or twin shaft concrete mixer. You can’t hit the dry cement hard with flat shovel; otherwise there may be seal high quality mini concrete mixer trucks problems. It is difficult to eliminate the dry cement, so we can dissolve them with chemicals. Of course, we should clean it well to not affect the next use.

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