The biggest challenge for this event was installing the tent over the pool. The crew at Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals was initially told the whole pool would be covered with a stage from another vendor. When they arrived to install the tent — the day before the wedding — they discovered that only a portion of the pool was covered. There were eight crew members working on the job. Some of the crew had to drive back to the rental store to pick up a 22-ft. ladder that was put in the deep-end of the pool, so they could build the peak of the tent. “All the crew members had to try to balance the ladder in the water and make sure no one got hurt,” says Brittney Bouche, event consultant, Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals. “Others had to keep an eye on the tent top to keep it from collapsing. At one time, some of the crew had to leave for other deliveries and there were only four team members left to lift the tent top up onto the framework,” Bouche says. Once the tent top was on the frame, another crew returned to finish the job and lift the tent onto its legs. Despite the challenges of the tent installation, the timeline for the setup was not affected. “Luckily, we had plenty of time to set up the day before the wedding, so the lighting and other items were brought in the next day and did not hold back the timeline,” Bouche says. “The only timeline that was compromised was the availability of our own crews to help get the tent done faster as the challenge of putting it over the pool increased the timeline of setup,” she says. “This meant crews that were scheduled to leave after it was done actually had to leave in the middle of setup and not compromise other events that were happening that day.” The limited number of crew members meant no one could take breaks in the middle of the installation. Bouche said everyone had to “work quickly but diligently and watch out for their crew members.”Read more at: |