The Dating business is arguably the oldest profession. For a business to survive (for centuries nonetheless), there has to be demand and supply. The typical Dating client has kept this business alive for centuries. Even though they must have changed over the centuries, we reckon, not as much. Ever wondered what the modern typical dating client is like? We know we have!

We conducted a research with several Chennai dating to gather information about their typical client. We went for both the female Chennai dating working under an agency and the independent Chennai dating. We then compiled a list of the attributes that best describe the typical dating client. All clients seek an dating for a reason.

While the common assumption is that the client is in need of dating gratification that is seldom true. More likely than not, the client has an underlying issue for seeking dating companionship. Most have to do with fulfilling an emptiness after a break-up, dealing with esteem issues, looking for human contact, or just plain being a bad boy.

Clients rarely read the dating profile. Basically, their decision is based on looking at photos. Our independent “Chennai dating” points out that she has to contend with redundant questions from every new client. Questions that are well answered on her profile.

The quietest and calm clients turn out to be the freakiest. This is a fact that is reiterated across all the dating in all parts of the world. Don’t be fooled by that soft-spoken, four-eyed, geek-looking client. More often than not, they have a notorious wild side simmering below the surface.

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