Discharging System Introduction of Force Type Concrete Mixer

Twin-shaft compulsory mixer belongs to forced type concrete mixer equipment. The double shaft concrete mixer produced by dasion Machinery is JS series concrete mixer. Because this kind of concrete mixer is applied to commercial concrete batching plant, steyr cement mixer truck for sale price it is also named engineering concrete mixer machinery. The discharging system of forced type concrete mixer: the composition of the discharging system: discharge door and discharging manual operating lever. But if there is an electric putter, it can realize long-distance operation. The discharging door is installed in the bottom of the JS series concrete mixer. Motor discharge was achieved by electric putter. The electric putter support is installed on the chassis, there is a limit switch installed above the discharging door to control the open and close positions of discharging door and adjust the position of the sealing strip to ensure the discharging door seal. The manual operating lever of discharging system is to discharge when the emergency discharge of temporary electricity interruption and electric push rod fail. When using hand level, you should take off the electric putter. There are two limit switches in the junction box of the electric putter of concrete mixer, which can play overload effect role.

Tips should Consider When Choosing Concrete Pump

Generally, when users selecting construction machinery, they should have a good knowledge about the model, configuration and other items of the machine, and then compare them. Finally, they will choose suitable equipment for themselves according to the situation. Here, dasion staff will teach you how to buy a concrete pump. 1. Choose the famous brand concrete pump which can guarantee the product quality. Before buying the concrete pump, users should ask the supplier for product identification certificate, model test report and test report for specialized vehicle and quality system certificate. Users had better send professional personnel to the production base of the concrete pump company and inspect their production, management and quality condition. Finally, make a decision according to these factors. 2. Confirm the maximum pump capacity, placing boom arm length, parameters and chassis according to the actual condition of their project, the size and term of the project. 3. Users should check the performance of concrete pump before buying it. Such as the stability and flexibility of each part operation, whether the boom arm trembles when extending and retrieving. Check whether the chassis movement durable movable volumetric cement mixer and turning diameter meet actual requirements.

dasion JS1250 Was Sent to Thailand

On July 1, 2014, one piece of JS1250 twin shaft concrete mixer was sent to Thailand successfully. The Thailand customer was dasion