Semantic SearchBefore we define semantic search, it probably best to look at the following example scenario. Imagine that someone is searching with the keywords vans. I work in a shoe store and a ton of people who have worn flat shoes comment on how they hurt their feet and give them back and joint pain. Magnesium chloride might prevent you from slipping on the ice and having to sport a cast all winter, but it can also eat away at the polish on your boots, causing the original color to show through.

The questions don't have to be towards a person but about the subject matter. Remember what is true for one person can be untrue for others. Women and men have different concerns when choosing shoes. Women usually have a higher instep and arch as well as longer toes.

The Active is a sporty clog with rubber soles and a cotton-lined footbed. A more ineffectual item I have never encountered. So is the item better than intercourse? Yes! the girl says. Put diva Madonna far too has rating her Manolo footwear "better than sex".

But take a look around next time you're in there. However, the shoes are manufactured in the United States and some specialty items are manufactured in Brazil. Some shoe styles are designed to be worn for specific activities, such as outdoor sports. Others may be intended for wear at formal events or similar occasions.

Looks cooler, lasts longer, more fun, and doesn't ruin your shoes. After you obtain hosting and domain, it is time for your website design. You may want to try on different types of shoes to discover which styles are most comfortable before purchasing. When you are ready to make a purchase, it is usually wise to order your shoes online.

Bernardo sandals are available in a variety of styles for women. Dance sneakers are best used for more athletic types of jazz dancing. Booties can also add a touch of warmth to an otherwise business-like gift. Savings bonds make a fabulous baby gift, but they aren't what you'd call cute.

It begins when we are children, playing dress-up and putting on our mother's high heels. They make us feel elegant and grown up and the training begins there. Check what sneakers people are wearing at fashion week(s). I personally looking for some Filling Pieces and other brands in Japanese streetwear.

CommentsSign in or and Golden Goose post using a HubPages Network account.0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. My "little" sister actually just asked for a pair for her birthday, and that was really my first experience with them.