There was a man who was kind and helpful, so he went to heaven after his death and became an angel. He became an angel, often to the mortal world to help people, hope to feel the taste of happiness. One day, met a farmer, the farmer looks very distressed, he told the angel: "My family's buffalo just died, did not it help plow, then how can I work?" So angel gave him a robust buffalo , The farmer was very happy, the angel in his body feel the taste of happiness. One day, he met a man, the man is very depressed, he said to the angel: "the money was deceived, did not return home." So the angel gave him silver to do tolls, the man was happy, the angel felt in him the taste of happiness. One day, he met a poet, poet young, handsome, talented and rich, wife, beautiful and gentle, but he was unhappy. The angel asked him, "Are not you happy? Can I help you?" The poet said to the angel, "I have nothing but something to give me?" The angel replied, "Yes. Can give you. "The poet looked straight at the angel:" I want happiness. "This angel stumped, the angel thought, said:" understand. "Then the poet have all taken away. The angel took the poet's talent, destroyed his appearance, took away his property and his wife's life. After the angels finished these left. A month later, the angel returned to the poet's side, he was hungry and half dead, ragged lying on the ground struggling. So the angel gave him everything he had. Then left. Two weeks later, the angel went to see the poet. The poet hugged his wife, could not thank the angels. Because he was happy.