LED lighting is an important consideration, that is, LED driver circuit and the working life of the LED itself should be able to par. Although there are many factors that affect the reliability of the drive circuit, but the overall reliability of the electrolytic capacitor has a crucial impact. In order to extend the system working life, the need for targeted analysis of the application of the capacitor, and select the appropriate electrolytic capacitor.

The effective working life of electrolytic capacitors is largely affected by the internal temperature rise caused by ambient temperature and ripple current. Electrolytic capacitor manufacturers provide electrolytic capacitor rated life is based on exposure to the highest rated temperature environment and the maximum rated ripple current conditions. LED Lights,Car Accessories

A typical capacitor's nominal lifetime at 105 ° C may be 5,000 hours, and the effective working life of the capacitor is actually lower than the rated level. Therefore, on the one hand, select the rated working life and can withstand high rated operating temperature of electrolytic capacitors, of course, can extend the working life. On the other hand, depending on the actual stress and operating temperature, you can still choose a capacitor with a lower rated operating temperature and rated life to provide a lower cost solution; keeping the appropriate stress and operating temperature in the design Extend the working life of electrolytic capacitors to make it more consistent with the LED life.