You have a lot of tricks at your disposal when it comes to increasing your Alexa rank, but few of them are as easy and rewarding (results in days) as this one. With a couple of minutes each day, you can quickly increase your Alexa traffic rank while creating backlinks at the same time.

The following is a list of website URL’s that you simply need to copy and paste into your web browser. Obviously you will want to replace the domain name in the link with your own website URL.

Once I have a new website optimized and ready for launch, this is generally my first task on my SEO list of things to do. It’s proven to work!

I would suggest using five to ten links per day since I’ve read about how too many backlinks, too quickly can cause Google ranking issues. I noticed nothing but improvements to Alexa, Google and overall traffic by using this list. I’d love to hear your feedback at .

Alexa Traffic Rank & Backlinks: Easy List*/