MRO is an acronym for Maintenance, Acclimation and Overhaul, for which PUR Glue are frequently used. The appellation defines the classes of plan adhesives are adapted to do.

Primer is used to awning surfaces above-mentioned to appliance of adhesives, and is used for bigger adherence performance.

Substrate is the surface(s) accepting affirmed with the adhesive.

Thermoset adhesives are abstracts which will alone cure if apparent to heat. Other acknowledgment will not affect these materials.

If you charge an adhesive for MRO plan on substrates which will charge to band able-bodied in a hot ambient environment, do you charge an accelerator, or a thermoset, or both? Do you charge a gap accompaniment with a acceptable cure acceleration and appulse strength? Charge a primer?

You'd apparently charge a thermoset in the hot environment, with other elements adapted to the case.

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