There was a circle missing a wedge. Circle to keep intact, then look for lost piece of wedge. Because it is not complete, it can only scroll very slowly. Along the way, it exposed the envy of the color of the flowers. It chatted with worms. It also appreciates the beauty of the sun. The circle found a lot of different accessories, but none of them perfectly matched it. So, it abandoned them all the way, continue to look for. Finally one day, it found a perfect accessory. The circle is so happy, and now it can be said to be perfect. It installs the fitting and rolls it. Since it has become a complete circle, so scroll very fast, so fast to no time to watch the flowers, but also no time to talk with the worm voice. Circle quickly Ben gallop, found the eyes of the world has become so different, so he can not help but stop down, will find the accessories to stay in the roadside, began to slowly roll. I think this story tells us that in some fantastic sense, when we lose something but feel more complete. A person who has everything is, in some ways, a poor man. He will never understand what is desire, expectations and the perception of a beautiful dream. He would never have had the experience of a man who loved him giving him something he had dreamed of or had never owned. The integrity of life lies in a person knows how to deal with his shortcomings, how to bravely abandon those unrealistic fantasies and not as a shortcoming. The integrity of life lies in a man or woman to understand the truth: he (she) found himself brave to face the tragedy of life and continue to survive, can still show their loved ones after a complete human style. Life is not the trap God has given us for condemning our defects. Life is not a Scrabble game. No matter how many words you spell, once there is a mistake, you will come to naught. Life is more like a baseball season. Even the best teams lose a third, and the worst teams have a good time. Our goal is to win more, lose less. We accept that imperfection is part of the nature of human beings, and that as we continue to roll through life and become aware of its value, we will complete the process of life. For others, this can only be a dream. I believe this is God's request to us: not for "perfect", nor for "never make mistakes", but to obtain the life of "integrity." If we can be brave enough to love, strong enough to be tolerant, generous enough to be able to share the happiness of others, wise enough to understand the side filled with love, then we can get other creatures can not be achieved.