Jordan Shoes 2017  has recently announced Kobe 7 FTB in the Black Mamba series, which was specially created for Kobe Bryant's career. Kobe Bryant's basketball career has been into the sunset, but its strong gas field is still enough to destroy any opponent's confidence, and in particular to create the Nike Zoom, Nike, Kobe series is the basketball of people love one of the equipment, and Kobe seventh generation boots debut and set off a crazy pursuit. The use of low-help lightweight design to join the boots configuration, so as to better protect the safety of the ankle movement, the upper is the combination of fiber material and Flywire technology in order to achieve a durable effect, but the end of the past Greatly improved, a large number of carbon fiber material injection so that the entire arch can play in the fierce playground to maximize the ability to bounce.Kobe Bryant accompanied the US men's basketball battles Olympic Games, and ultimately help the dream team won two Olympic champion.

Nike Air Jordan 2017 also succeeded with many of the dream team predecessors stood together. Kobe Prelude VII highlights the glorious moments of Bryant fighting for the gold medal, the sale information see below the big picture.NikeStore official website will be officially released at 9 am tomorrow, the physical shop was officially on sale on Saturday.For Kobe Bryant in 2012 the most impressive time is not in the NBA season, but set off the British days, he led the US team to pass through the seniority, when the tournament set a single record high score of 156 points, The final championship war in this momentum to defeat the success of the Spanish defending success, Kobe 7 Prelude use of Cubism art in London to record the glory of the golden moment. Kobe in London wearing No. 10 jersey and related story details using a Cubist depiction of the pattern shown on the shoes. In the heel, the same stereotype to describe the crown ring around the pattern of 10, to cover the national team shirt Kobe tribute.

Latest Jordans 2017 have to admire the creativity of Nike and Kobe Bryant, as they are the first time from the 4th generation of all-round basketball shoes to help high football shoes to help the general low, and if the 9 generation of basketball shoes and boxing boots, you are not high ? This time we are super high help! And Kobe Bryant 7 generation, there is a "system" of the high-end vocabulary, or advertising and Wang Lee Hom said the "system", and both reflect the tall shoes! From Kobe Bryant's career to see how he knows how to win, is a natural winner, so the design team put forward the "Kobe system" this new concept, as long as the mastery can understand Kobe's victory formula, and Kobe 7 System itself from Nature to find inspiration to show Kobe itself is the predators in the game, with a variety of offensive means and superior defensive skills, so that we can experience the Kobe field to win the different faces.