Actress Kristen Bell has developed an online shopping system that allows her to get a "dopamine rush" without breaking the bank. The Frozen star, who shares two young children with her actor husband Dax Shepard, has developed a slight addiction to buying things online. "The reason I love online shopping is because (a) I can do it while my kids are asleep, and (b) I can put everything I want in my cart and then wait a week - and I usually wind up taking 90 per cent of it out because it's all impulse buys," she tells fashion website Racked. "You know, sometimes things look less cute the longer you look at them!" Kristen adds of her online shopping technique: "So I have three or four online shopping carts constantly open, but I rarely buy any of it. Putting things in the cart, purchasing things, clicking - it's a proven dopamine rush, a proven oxytocin boost. It's like you're playing a slot machine, and you just want to do it again and again. So by doing this, I allow myself to get that boost without necessarily buying something." However, the Bad Moms actress admits there are simply some items she cannot help but binge-buy. "I could spend the whole night going through a rug website and just completely zone out," the 36-year-old says, "It's the same with sweaters - there's just something about soft, cozy textiles that just makes me feel very safe. I have way too many sweaters - and, like, I'll buy a new one in the middle of the summer. That is incredibly impractical, and yet I have done it! "I get a lot of them from this boutique called Mille, which is based in Minneapolis but has a great online store. They've got lots of amazing, mostly American-made brands like Ace & Jig and Rachel Comey and Antik Batik. Just gorgeously curated stuff."Read more at: |