Preparation before start

1, carefully check the circuit, gas, water and conveying piping, etc. are normal.

2. Jog the motor to check the direction of rotation, to ensure consistency with the signs. 3, check the fuel tank if there is enough hydraulic oil, or should be filled. 4. Check hydraulic oil, if turbidity or debris should be replaced.

5. Open the gas supply valve to regulate the intake valve according to conveying pipe length, whether the desired pressure, or allowed to turn jet.

6, before the injection operation, should hit the gas valve and then start the host entered the motor turns to two feed water tank to the surface by spraying with a spray nozzle to remove dust and debris concrete bond strength is affected by jet plane . Fourth, the steps and precautions

1, steps

1.1, the first open the inlet valve, and then start the host motor turns to two feed water tank, so that the spray nozzle to the surface by water.

1.2 observe the oil pressure gauge and barometer, continued to jar the two materials before they are settled after each addition.

1.3, after completion of a job shift to the host injection piping wash, cleaning, washing the order: the last can of material after spraying, turn to the two tank water until no pellets discharged at the nozzle and concrete placing booms for sale sprayed water then muddy, off the main motor, closing the intake valve. The air pressure tubing pressure water access, and then open the inlet valve and the main motor, wash the mixing chamber and air feed conveying elbow inside, off the main motor, closing the intake valve. Open the gas feed mixing chamber below drain port plug, open transition hose fittings and adjustable bends, inspection, cleaning bucket, mixing chamber and the air feed pipe, to ensure that no deposit material. Screw the gas feeding the mixing chamber following drain port plug, installed adjustable elbow and transition hose, the inlet valve is opened again and the host machine, to feed water tank 2-3 cycles, off the main motor, closing the intake valves, final rinse host outside.

2 Notes

2.1, during normal operation, should always pay attention to the gauge value changes, when found 0.35MPa pressure value less than the required injection pressure, should immediately stop feeding (off feeding machine motor), then turn off the main motor, and then close gas supply, and other requirements or the pressure of the injection pipeline dredge and then boot.

2.2, wet spraying machine with nozzle have a reliable contact details, nozzle clogging, etc. when information should be timely feedback to the wet spraying machine operator at.

2.3, in the job, should always be kept in the hopper has some memory material, shall be held within a hopper spiral vane exposed.

2.4 prohibited chunk foreign matter into the hopper, when the air pressure changes due to other causes plugging, you should immediately turn off the main motor. V. Maintenance

1, daily care and maintenance

1.1, at the end of each job, the host must be flushed provisions 4.1.3. 1.2, after stopping to check the power, gas supply, must be confirmed have all been cut off. 2, regular care and maintenance

2.1, each drive chain should infusion once per week lubricant should be cleaned once a month. 2.2 reducer should be checked every three months refilling 46 # machine oil once.

2.3, each week should check the tightness of the transmission chains, sprockets security screw tightness check and clutch fixing screws.

2.4 space pilot chute and slide the three-way Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck valve should always check badly worn should be replaced.

2.5, pipe joint seals can only be used once, for once without disassembly of six months. Hydraulic system memory oil tank inspection once a month, not enough oil should fill 32 # hydraulic oil or machine oil.

2.6 The host each use after the expiration of one year, all parts should be cleaned once all the dismantling of severe wear parts should be replaced

New concrete spraying machine in operation to maximize control method Rebound:

1, the control once sprayed layer thickness, in order to avoid a sprayed layer is too thick produce fall.

2, the control aggregate size and sand rate ratio to meet the requirements

3, the control from the spray nozzle and the surface that is best in the range of 0.6-1.2m, the spray angle to the vertical rock face is better, do not allow more than 45 °.


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