The 34-year-old actress has revealed she doesn't know much about fashion or style, and although she adorns glamorous gowns to red carpet events her own closet is mainly stocked with casual garments including tracksuits, jeans and t-shirts. Speaking to Singapore's The New Paper about her fashion choices, the brunette beauty said: "Track pants and ripped jeans, maybe T-shirts. That's as much of fashion that I know in real life. That's what you'd find in my wardrobe." And the 'Quantico' star will never be seen clasping at a handbag or clutch bag because she prefers to wear backpacks. She added: "I like backpacks. I'm not a carry a bag kind of girl." Although Priyanka has hinted her style is more tomboyish, she has admitted shoes are her "weakness", and played an important part in 'Baywatch', in which she portrays the glamorous villain Victoria Leeds. She explained: "Shoes are my weakness, and that's why even for my character, it was very important to me." Priyanka was crowned Miss World in 2000, and the star has revealed during her time competing in the beauty pageant she learnt how to walk in high heels and a long maxi dress. She said: "A model taught me that when I was Miss World. She said, you walk on the balls of your feet as that's where your weight is, so you're really light and nimble on your feet. "And you have to kick and walk whenever you wear a long dress, kick the dress and walk, especially when you wear an Indian sari or a gown. Because they touch the ground, you have to kick the fabric and walk, otherwise you'll trip. Good tip."Read more at: |