Jets are currently the object of attention, but also the construction industry in one of the most popular construction equipment, it gave rise to a lot of help, to complete one

It could not be done, with the development of jet technology in technical above some improvement, so in the marketplace has a very good development, today we have to explain the Jets
Industry Supply Situation developer of the market:


 First, industry experts published opinions.

     Second, public information jet industry.

     Third, important indicators of business continuity data comparison, reflect industry trends.

     Fourth, the Industrial Research mobile concrete mixer for loader

Institute Offers newspaper network data for long-term monitoring of concrete spraying machine acquisition.

     Five jet industry enterprises and the upstream and downstream enterprises quarterly and annual reports and other publicly available information.

     Sixth, the General Administration of Customs, trade associations, the National Bureau of Statistics, the National Development and Reform Commission, Business Administration and other government departments and official agencies data and information.

Shotcrete machine What are the requirements for concrete


Shotcrete machine came to the construction industry has added a new machine, and gave a great contribution to society, today's conventional spraying and spraying machine has a very different, especially in the course of the operation, traditional The spraying machine operation requires more than one person during the operation, and now the spraying machine requires only one person to complete the work, which not only saves manpower, but also saves a lot of material. But spraying machine during operation in a very high demand for concrete, here and tell you:

    Before spraying machine work, first at the injection site of the old covered in tape to collect material rebound, rebound rate must not exceed 15%, spraying machine spray arch wall and the order should be from the base of a wall from bottom to top carried out by the spray gun head and face should be kept perpendicular to the vertical distance between the spray gun head by jet plane is 0.8M-1.0M. When the tide using artificial spices spices, cement, sand and gravel should be invited to the bottom and turned mixed three times to mix evenly. When spraying machine injection, injection pressure spraying machine for 0.4MPA, pressure should be higher than the pressure around 0.1MPA, add water shooter experience with controlled, water-cement ratio 0.4-0.5. Shotcrete machine jet process, according to the material changes, timely adjust to the water to ensure accurate water-cement ratio, to make jet wet concrete spots have nothing to do, no flow, strong adhesion, less resilient material. Once sprayed concrete thickness 50-70MM, and should be promptly re-sprayed, re-spray interval should not exceed 2 hours, or high pressure water jet surface flush again. After spraying machine injection operation, must be continuous
high quality double horizontal shafts concrete mixer spray sprinkler maintenance for more than 28 days, and within seven days watering once per shift, a single injection is completed, you should immediately talk back bomb was packed, and spices should shift the net.

(1) Jets check before spraying wall rock work area, easy to wear wear parts, there are problems in time. Before spraying, the first open air water and adjust the wind, the water size, and then open shotcrete machine shotcrete spraying must use tide material. When sprayed concrete, jet hand and all types of work, with each step correctly.

(2) when concrete spraying machine shotcrete. Satisfy hand spray nozzle in one hand and adjust the valve, contact feeding, spraying should start first of all by spraying the concrete surface sprayed a thin layer on the thin layer in a spiral around a half circle along the lateral pressure as slowly circled sports, draw a circle with a diameter of 100 ~ 150mm appropriate.

Injection sequence (3) concrete spraying machine wall after the first arch, bottom-up, the first half of spray into the roadway, then turned the sprinklers spray the other half of roadway, and finally closed closed roof.

(4) on the roadway at serious irregularities should be concave kyphosis, the interval should be taken seriously recess


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