Shorter: laser output wavelengths cover shorter wavelengths, and short wavelength lasers have been widely used. Many advanced manufacturing processes require cold processing. For example, in smart phones, many times they need to be treated with short wavelengths and short pulses of ultraviolet yellow laser pointer. Short wavelength lasers have been widely used in surface labeling, semiconductor wafer fabrication, drilling and cutting. Faster and faster: pulse laser faster, ultrafast laser has achieved rapid development, already with a simpler structure, more convenient operation, lower cost and more stable performance, walked out of the laboratory and into industrial applications.

Laser welding: laser welding will be the first in the automotive manufacturing, high-speed trains and aircraft manufacturing, agricultural machinery and shipbuilding and other areas of the spread, it will be a future growth point. The development of lasers is moving in the direction of high intelligence, high power, high beam quality, high reliability, low cost and all solid state. Laser precision machining and microfabrication technology will be the focus of development, and its promotion and use in electronics, semiconductor, communications, optical storage, micromachine manufacturing, biology, environment and other industries will create unprecedented possibilities for traditional processing methods. Here, ultrafast lasers will grow rapidly as the precision machining and microfabrication markets expand.

blue laser pointer

Laser cleaning: With the enhancement of environmental awareness, a variety of environmental cleaning technology came into being, high power laser cleaning technology is one of them. Laser cleaning using high-energy laser beam and the workpiece surface to remove the material interaction, the occurrence of instantaneous evaporation or stripping, without a variety of chemical cleaning agents, green pollution. Can be used to remove paint, oil, oxide, cleaning screw, rust, cleaning weld. Laser cleaning in the microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturing, medical care, cultural relics protection, steel rust and mold decontamination, automobile manufacturing, construction and other fields have a huge market space.

The last two years, laser cutting complete sets of equipment in the Chinese market sales doubled. The application of fiber lasers in laser cutting systems has been increasing over the past two years, especially in medium power cutting systems. In the welding system, 60% of the laser welding equipment has been using fiber lasers, 65% of the equipment used in automobile manufacturing. The power of more than 3kW high-power system is also a steady increase in the number of red laser pointer cutting welding system is also toward the development of high power.

With the development of Chinese integrated circuits, the number of UV lasers used in printed circuit boards and microelectronics systems for consumer electronics products has increased significantly. At the same time, the application of biotechnology and medical equipment also provides a broad space for UV lasers. In 2016, UV lasers in the Chinese market to achieve explosive growth, sales over the previous year doubled to 7800 units.