The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco said popular orangutans Mei and KJ are expecting a baby, and zookeepers are preparing for the suit underwear new arrival with a baby shower and a Target registry with items including a Dolly Parton CD, the Disney movie Zootopia, Spongebob Squarepants bubble bath, and a Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano. Terri Cox, curator of exhibits and programs at the zoo, said the items were chosen specifically to provide enrichment activity for the baby and other animals at the zoo. She said Mei is a babydoll chemise fan of Disney movies. "When Mei first got here, she was young, 10 years, she loved the movie Jungle Book," Cox told the Waco infant animal costume Tribune Herald. "That was the one thing that would bring her up to the front until she got used to her surroundings."