Spraying machine, spraying machine is a new high, mainly applicable to 5m * 5m section roadway concrete spraying operations. The equipment concrete pump concrete delivery through a pipe to the robotic nozzle with compressed air with accelerator of the jet to be sprayed concrete tunnel walls. It is reasonable structure, user-friendly design, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance, long service life. Work clean, low noise, small rebound rate. The machine greatly reduces the dust concentration and the nozzle at the machine next to improve the working environment of workers and reduce the pneumoconiosis due to dust caused. The device has won three national patents. PZ-5 shotcrete machine PZ-5B mine explosion Mobile concrete mixing plants for sale in Germany spraying machine shotcrete machine shotcrete machine proof [1] Building wipe spray as a tidal shotcrete equipment for iron (public) road tunnel, high-rise building and water diversion culvert. Machine is simple, easy operation and maintenance. Unique clamping device. Sprayed concrete inner rotor 10 from special rubber material cavity under the action of the wind shaking the formation of self-cleaning, to prevent the material bonding. Sprayed concrete Product Description: Widely used in construction, mining, tunnels, culverts, subway, hydropower engineering, underground engineering and high marsh coal mine tunnel shotcrete construction operations: various types of industrial furnaces, molding or spraying refractory lining Patch: Various green slope, soil transport and injection. The machine can be used for wave spray, spray can also be used for dry fibers and a spray job. The main production of concrete spraying machine PZ-5, PZ-3, PZ-7, wet the concrete machine HSP-5, HSP-6, HSP-7, and shotcrete machine shotcrete machine blasting accessories tube; shotcrete machine rubber sheet; shotcrete machine liner; shotcrete machine feed chamber; spraying machine elbow; shotcrete machine nozzle.


Mines, tunnels, culverts, subway, Ready mixed Concrete Batching Plant hydropower engineering, underground engineering and coal mine tunnel shotcrete high marsh construction operations.

Technical Parameters

51-type spraying machine, 5 cubic shotcrete machine Productivity: 5-5.5m3 / h The maximum transmission distance: 200m Application materials ratio: cement / sand = 1: 3-5 Application materials water-cement ratio: