the shape of the position deviation can be clearly seen by the ruler of the edge of the floor sloping serious, so that the two have a piece of the floor Fortunately, more difficult to shop and affect the appearance of beautiful. Horizontal and vertical, the size of structured, this is the floor of the most basic requirements. Will be purchased after the wooden box out of the box to remove a few pieces, the simulation assembled to observe the rate of mouth bit mouth, assembly gap, the height difference between adjacent ability of wood plastic composites

the paint on the solid wood flooring industry, a small brush a paint, paint money, labor costs, but also save time, but consumers can not see, only after the difference between good and bad to show. As well as the use of poor quality paint, or the use of PU paint the plate has been used with UV paint, which are likely to cause the floor paint off, cracking.Plastic Roofing Panel Grill Design for Terrace

GB on the surface of the paint board wear resistance, hardness, adhesion and other requirements, and you choose to buy when the paint uniform, smooth, smooth, seamless paint, no bubbling, no cracking of the floor.Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust the moisture content of the national standard for the floor moisture content requirements are between 7 to 15.6%, a great span, most manufacturers can achieve. Floor moisture content unqualified, in addition to improper handling of the factory, and the pavement location of the environmental humidity is too high, moisture-proof measures are not so relevant. So get the appropriate moisture content of the floor is the first step, a good pavement moisture and reasonable maintenance is also necessary later.Switzerland timber jetty walkway