is floor of phenanthrene forest case good? In the whole process that decorates a building, the floor takes a body, accordingly the stand or fall of floor quality is affected to the whole of the house can be very big, when choosing must meticulous, and come from integral angle consider. Will understand floor of phenanthrene forest case below after all good. Floor of phenanthrene forest case is good the technology that place of floor of technical humble uses very good, especially its need Heng Mi is sealed particularly refuse wet technology, such technology is in namely of the floor all around will form more abiding fight wet covering layer, make the floor is had very strong fight wet ability, also can become because of moisture absorption in order to prevent a floor screwy, this are very important.

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Floor of of humble of wood floor picture the standard requirement that the quality of floor of quality humble exceeded a country, your floor more environmental protection and health, and stable and changeless form. Material is an entrance character, the quality of the floor is very good. The cover with paint of the well-known trademark paint that solid wood plastic composite of Feilingeer joins a floor board is international and equipment of advanced high area lacquer is handled, make the board range of the floor full moist and more wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure scratch, use life more long.