ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne report, source of allied tone message says, lake person and knight ever had discussed one brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy to reach Paul - Jiasuoer and Andrew - the buying and selling of the Mu that do obeisance to accept.

ESPN says, buying and selling can not break out in the near future, but home remedy is pondering January 7, 12.25 million pay of the Mu that do obeisance to accept turns into business is managed before sum assures. If lake person is before this,buying and selling cuts the Mu that do obeisance to accept into parts subsequently, they can be saved in salary and simple duty respect surmount 20 million, finance sensitivity holds to a few years in the future. If buying and selling wants to reach, the knight needs to be built again on at most a player, can add other chip even.

Phonic message source says, lake person is loath Jiasuoer sends below the state that cannot get valuable chip. And there is more opinion to think inside lake person group, before team is stopping reason of serious human affairs to move, should give existing battle array a few time, wait for them to restore in good health and rescue this sports season.

Phonic message source still expresses, summer of chivalric in former years ever added Suo Er of purpose, had had with lake person chat generally. But chat in Dwight - the autograph stopped Howard after the rocket about. Chivalric hope is terminative the history of the contest after having predestined relationship season 3 years, consequently they are sought fill strong battle array.

And phonic message source points out, outside the person that divide a lake, the knight ever still did obeisance to Er of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of accept Mu buying and selling with ox discussion - Deng. Ox state and lake person are similar, simple duty line makes an appointment with their salary tower above 8 million, and incur large-scale injury makes a surprise attack.

With Jiasuoer, deng Ye is in a contract year. And buying and selling is peculiar and OK assist an ox to be in the salary of this sports season and simple duty side are economic surmount 20 million. But ox firm say not to hope Deng of buying and selling, after and they can be in believe sports season ends, renew the contract with its.