The intention these students was most likely not for being racist, but it surely is important to know the hurtful implications of dressing because these negative stereotypes. These pupils most likely will not think they are simply being bad. But what a lot of may see simply because dressing up as a “thug” is basically them dress up as the stereotypes of black males that further more their oppression in contemporary culture. When you search “thug” or perhaps “gang member” on Google, the results are extremely pictures of black guys. By shower this way, pupils are in a very marginalized group’s oppression to be a costume -- one they will take off in the morning. When bright white men and women have on these clothes to a get together, they’re known as funny and entertaining. When the people inside the culture that these clothing belong to use them, they are often teased, judged or perhaps discriminated against. This problem isnt unique to Elon. Country wide, many fraternities and sororities have attained national focus for hurtful or appropriative themed situations. In 2015, the Induration Omicron part of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity plus the Beta Delta chapter of Alpha Phi sorority in University of California for Los Angeles put a party considering the theme “Kanye Western ” where college students arrived in blackface. In 2014, Sigma Using an Epsilon by Clemson Or even hosted “ Clemson Cripsmas” where learners dressed for the reason that gang participants. In 2013, Eta Best chapter of Kappa Sigma at Fight it out University plonked an “Asia Prime” get together where pupils wore enorme wrestling apparel and cone-shaped hats.