Full of fantasy fantasy Dior senior jewelry     Weird, full of fantasy fantasy Dior (Dior) senior jewelry "Diorette" series, like fairy fairy like gemstone jewelry, so quiet and conservative jewelry industry gorgeousknockoff hermes kelly dog bracelet lively up.     The two are gold diamond ring, the middle of the left for the yellow crystal, and with pink sapphires, amethyst, orange garnet, green pomegranate and fine jewelry paint, the right is the amethyst as the center around the orange garnet, pink sapphire , Green pomegranate and fine jewelry.     And then look at the platinum diamond ring, the left is the seawater sapphire with amethyst, pink sapphire, purple sapphire, green pomegranate and fine jewelry paint, and the right is the Morgan stone with sapphire, pink sapphire, orange garnet, amethyst and Senior knockoff hermes h braceletjewelry color paint, and above all have a small ladybug shape, add a lovely.     If you do not like the complex design, Diorette series also has a simple design style. Diorette Marguerite gold diamond ring with high-level jewelry color of the flower modeling, and the right Diorette Papillon platinum diamond ring is a simple blue butterfly shape.imitation van cleef clover jewelry     In addition to the ring also launched earrings, respectively, gold diamond earrings and platinum diamond earrings, looks like the shape of the ring is divided into two parts and the formation of earrings shape.