When on the road, a single traveler want to shoe-whole.com/ company with you, but you don't want to, how could you do? I think a large number of people are tiring of warding off over-curious locals or over eager fellow travelers? When you are on your own, you are less frightening compared to others traveling in a group. Also, your lack of company can be misread as a wish for one. Others, which include me, welcome unanticipated contacts with strangers. However, there are those who just want to be left alone. If you are one of the latter, you can engage the following means to avert unwanted company.

When someone shares a seat with you in a bus, a train or a bar, unwanted company happens. You can prevent dealing with not wanted strangers by placing a book, a bag or whatever you have with you on the empty seat. It sends a very clear message that you don't want anyone sitting beside you and you want to be left alone. If this happens and you don't want to be disturbed by incessant talking, you can always play dead to the world by pretending to snooze. However, there are times when you have to share a seat particularly when travelling a public transportation. I do this when I am tired and needs some shut-eye before I arrive to shoe whole my next place to go. Your seatmate usually respects sleep and will leave you alone.